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  • We can print your invitations, menus and wedding programs
  • We ship within 24h
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What is Skriv Ut Online?

Skriv Ut Online is an online printing service - the simplest way to order and print paper, documents and pdf:s online

You upload your documents, enter your address and pay with Swish and we will print and send your documents to you. Never worry about printer problems, messy ink cartridges or paper jams ever again!

What about delivery time and delivery options?

We have three different shipment options:

  • PostNord Mail
  • Trackable priority package
  • Pickup

PostNord Mail orders will be shipped as a regular mail with PostNord. The expected delivery time is 2-5 business days.

Trackable priority package means that we will prioritise your order and send it as soon as possible as a trackable package with PostNord. Expected delivery time for this option is 1-3 business days (large orders might be a bit longer - call us for details).

Pickup means that we print your order and you pickup it up yourself at our office on Södermalm in Stockholm. We have a pickup box for enabling pickups also during non-office hours. If you place your order before 1 PM (weekdays) you can normally pick them up the same afternoon/evening. We send you an email with all pickup details as soon as your document(s) are printed and ready for pickup!

What paper options do you offer?

We have several paper options in A3 and A4 size.

Our default printing paper is an environmental friendly A4-paper 80 gsm.

In addition to our default paper vi also offer:

  • Hole punched paper (A4 80g)
  • Premium paper (A4 100g)
  • Premium paper (A4 160g)
  • Premium paper (A3 160g)
  • Self-adhesive label paper (A4)
  • Laminated premium paper (A4 160g)

The exact price for each paper option is shown during the order flow.

For best possible printing quality, especially for photos or high color prints, we recommend choosing one of our premium paper options.

What paper sizes/layouts do you offer?

We print all documents on A3 (420x297 mm) or A4 paper (297x210 mm).

What file types can I print?

We accept PDF files. If you want to print any other file type (e.g. a Word document) you first need to convert your document into PDF format. You can read more about this on our page about converting to PDF.

Can I print on both sides of the paper?

Yes, we can print on one (simplex) or both (duplex) sides of the paper.

If you choose to print on both sides of the paper, you have the choice of "flip on long edge" (usually best for documents in portrait format) or "flip on short edge" (sometimes preferred for landscape documents or folders in A5 format).

How can I print a leaflet in A5 format?

You can create a folder/brochure in A5 format by uploading a PDF with two landscape pages in A4 size (297x210 mm) which we print double sided to fold in the middle!

It is important that the content comes in the correct order! The front of the leaflet should be to the right of page one, the back to the left of page one, left spread to the left of page two and right spread to the right of page 2.

Make sure you have at least 5mm margin around the entire document and choose "actual size (no re -emboss)" for centering and margins to be correct. Also select "Double -sided - turn blades along short side" to get a double -sided print!

Do you print in color?

Yes, we always print in color (if your uploaded document contain colors).

How do you handle bleed, margins and cropping

Please note that our printers won't be able to print all the way to edge of the paper.

Vi don't cut any papers, if your document is uploaded with a bleed, the bleed/cut marks will be present on the printed paper.

Can I print images and photographs?

Yes, we can print images and photographs as long as these files are uploaded in PDF format.

But please note that for being able to offer an affordable service to our clients, we print all orders on laser printers with regular printing paper. This will result in image quality good enough for most use cases, but it will not be comparable to the results you will get from a dedicated photo printer with high quality photo paper. If you want to print images or photographs with the highest possible quality, we recommend our customers to use a different service.

Can I print labels or stickers?

Yes, we can print your labels and stickers! Upload your file in pdf-format and select paper type "Adhesive paper" and we will print on our self-adhesive label paper.

Can you laminate prints?

Yes, we can laminate your prints. Select "Laminated" when ordering and we will laminate your prints for you.

More about laminating

Do you offer any kind of binding or spiral binding?

Yes, we offer spiral binding with plastic spirals for customers in need of binding their prints. Just select "Spiral binding" as paper type!

More about spiral binding

What kind of documents do your customers typically print?

Our customers print for example return labels, delivery labels, forms, course literature, education material, diplomas or different kinds of labels.

Do you offer printing solutions customised for corporate clients?

Yes, we offer various customised printing solutions for companies in need of automating print flows, recurring printing needs, in need of invoice payment options and/or interest in printing as a service.

See more details about business solutions

Why should I use your service?

There are many printing houses available for delivering large scale printing and advanced print production services. But until now, we've been missing a simple, cheap and convenient service for printing smaller documents and PDFs. We've focused and tailored our service for smaller and simple prints which makes us cheaper, quicker and much more convenient than our competitors.

What are you opening hous?

All orders are placed on our website, we have no drop-in service for placing orders at our physical office. Our pickup box is available every day from 7-21.
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